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August 31, 2011


Peter G

It is my recommendation that Obama walk all over their "wedding" wearing white and holding a massive bouquet. Screw 'em. Let's see how the ratings stack up.

Robert Lipscomb

Anyone care to hazard the odds that Obama is "going big"?

I am going with 2:1 against.


What is it with these republicans that they always think they can order this president around and make him work around their schedules all the time? Screw them.


An even better question is: how come at least two debaters won't be back at their first day of work? If there is a vote scheduled for 6:00pm why will Bachmann and Paul be in California?


Obama will do what his Republican colleagues tell him to do.

You Don't Say

PM isn't going to like this, but Obama moved the speech according to TPM and HuffPo. A bis 'piss off' woulda felt good, but the Repubs woulda called it gamesmanship and milked it for all it was worth. Probably not worth the temporary rush of saying 'fuck you and your pissant debate.'

Frank Sinclair

Yep. He caved. Again.

Better get used to "President Perry."



I bet he's just keeping his powder dry.

It beats actually using the powder to shoot something.


Oh please, Frank and dricey. This "cave and powder dry" meme over something so insignificant just makes me think that President Perry is just fine with you.

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