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August 30, 2011


Peter G

I very much agree but I still maintain that timing is everything and the time for the big unachievable jobs push is not yet. The Republican candidates are only now beginning to differentiate themselves by slanging each other instead of the president. It is their economic proposals that need to be on the table. They will consist, as all know, of cuts to spending, deregulation and lower taxes and the competition among the Republicans to offer the most inane and ineffective solutions needs to be in full bloom before the president offers a completely different and sane alternative. A startling contrast is what is called for and while the time is coming soon I think it is not quite here yet.

Robert Lipscomb

There is a understandable tendency to compare the timeline of Obama's presidency to that FDR. Hoover's more apt.

Black Friday occured in October 1929, but the bank runs did not occur until September 1931. The disasterous unemployment followed. The depression then became Hoover's depression. The people endured that hardship and lack of response by Hoover for another year.

Politically speaking, to coin a phrase, Obama's best counsel is "the best defense is a good offense". Further, it will do him or us no good to eke out an elction victory if it does not come with a clear mandate for a plan.

Roberta in MN

FDR Also had 4 terms in the Presidency.

steve duncan

A bold jobs program will have a cost. Good luck getting Cantor to sign off when he starts demanding cuts to programs and services equal to the cost of the jobs bill. Were Lewis Carroll alive today he'd scrap his literary career, fearing his tomes were no match for reality.

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