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August 29, 2011



Frum has been on fire lately, too (though he just can't quite bring himself to support Obama).

Peter G

Never discount metaphysics. Before you can provide medicaid to an underage indigent accident victim you must first determine how many pinheads can dance on the head of an angel.

Peter G

This should be interesting. In recent history the alliance between what I shall call for lack of a better term, rational conservatives and those of a more profoundly religious bent has worked quite well for Republican establihment. It did not work out quite so well for the Fundies. Sure they got a got couple of bones thrown to them in the form of faith based initiatives but even those were corrupted for political gain. It seems that now the tail has more influence than the dog and if these TP Fundies wind up having veto power over the Republican nominee than this election will vastly exceed all my entertainment expectations. And if the Republican nominee is elected initiate the next Dark Ages.

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