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August 31, 2011



Hey PM, what do you think of this?

Obama has requested a Joint Session of Congress on 9/7 to lay out his plans. It is the same day AND time as the NBC-Politico-Reagan Library GOP presidential debate.

Sign that he's going big, yes - no? thought the news might ease your frustration.


I always find it amusing that those who oppose Marx and socialism and all those other evil things in order to defend their cherished view of that wonderful invention named capitalism have never bothered to read the dude. Capital is truly an outstanding book and something of a literary as well an economic masterpiece. Marx was a helluva of a writer, and extremely witty in an insightful way. But to those who like their capitalism pure without that state intervention business, I recommend that they read the section of Capital entitled "On the So-Called Primitive Origins." Not even marxists read this section because as Marx lays it out in his narrative, industrial capitalism has its origins in the state and the grandees working hand in hand to screw over the little guy and take away his stuff. It truly is a breathtaking narrative, both in terms of its violent content and the way its told in an epic kind of way. Worthy even of the glory days of Cecil B. de Mille and D. W. Griffith. This is why in Marx's view poor people rising up and taking names and kicking butt and reclaiming the fruits of their labor was only righting the scales of universal justice, albeit in a dramatic manner.

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