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August 31, 2011


Peter G

All true bullet points no doubt but Romney is in no position to throw stones at anyone. No one that I can think of in politics has flipped positions more than Romney. Romney's aim, in my opinion, is to try and capture some of that cerebral calmness that Obama possesses in spades. The minute the primary campaign gets down and dirty every flop of Romney's will be publicly dissected and I expect those flashes of temper he has been known to display will get a lot worse. I'm sure Romney has enough money to hire someone to throw rocks at perry but he dare not do it himself.


Jeezus, p.m., most of us agree that Perry is unelectable but do you have to the "egghead" thing and do Romney's work for him?

I don't care what the polls say this far out, I think Romney's sleaziness should be our focus 'cuz in the face of all the crazy, he's most likely to limp across the finish line to the nomination. Unless he's being played like his father, George,was played by Nixon.

I guess what I'd like to see are more posts on how Romney sucks as much as Perry even though he's not as scary.

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