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September 29, 2011



WOW! This is why we have children.

Robert lipscomb

I have told my daughter all her life that I pray that she has the kind of friends who will tell her when she is full of shit.


Your daughter is a child. You are her father . Please, both of you go to a qualified grief counselor as soon as possible.


I understand your pain but You also have to be strong for her. She is grieving too, and she needs the adult in her life for support. Please get some help soon...for both of you to see this through.


You can't deny yourself days like that. Your grief is fresh and raw, and denying yourself to mourn when needed won't help anyone. I think your daughter gets it on some level, she probably was afraid you'd stay in that dark place. You've now shown her that you can grieve and still be there for her. Hopefully yesterday's experience helped ease her fear a little.


Combination of the comments above -- there will be many days like this one, and it's right that there should be. Don't beat yourself up, and, not to sound too Dan Savage-y, but it will get better over the long run. Your wound is very, very fresh and very deep. It would be odd if you weren't in great pain.

If it's not too personal, though, please try to be sure you have other adults around who can help keep stability for your daughter (aunts, friends, neighbors) - she needs you, but she just also needs to know everything will be okay, and other loving adults can help give that, too. And grief counseling for both of you will help enormously -- letting you both know it's okay to be torn apart, but it's also important to keep going. You're in our thoughts!

NTodd Pritsky

Sounds like you need her, too. I'm glad you're there for each other. Peace to you both.

Zunilda Figueroa

Never read your blog before until a few weeks prior to your inconsolable loss. I can not imagine my life without my husband and my son and I am in awe of people like you and your daughter that could actually go on, even though it might be difficult to even get up, but just to be selfish I have grown quite fond of you and your blog and now your daughter. So please, if only for me and my daily doses of sanity in an incredible hostile world, keep writing, keep living. We need you.

You Don't Say

Grieving is also being there for her. She knows that she is not alone in her grief. That's important.

But you are right, she does need you in other ways. It is very difficult to lose your mother at 12 years old. It's life changing.

My heart goes out to both of you.


I'm praying for you and your daughter, pm. It's always difficult when one loses a family member, always.


you are in my prayers. you and your daughter need one another, and I hope you help one another during this horrific time.


I am so sorry for your loss. Please take good care of your daughter.


You and her mother clearly did a good job with your daughter if she's strong enough to make it through school at this time. Best wishes to both of you

Skip Kapur

sorry for your loss. my prayers


Condolences and best wishes. Please remember to take care of yourself as well as your daughter, and ask for help. It's not easy.

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