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September 28, 2011



Amusing and at the same time very disturbing for a country that is supposed to be a 'super power'!

Susan Zoon

The MSM pimps this entire circus and exports it to the world for fun and profit. What we need in tandem with the Wall Street occupation is an effective boycott of the Cable news networks... all of them to make a point. I propose that if a million people cancelled their upper tier cable (where the news networks live) in protest of their propagandist ethos- it would send a powerful message. Heck a million people cancelled Netflix because they raised their prices. The Netflix stock dropped 19%.

If this could get off the ground, it would really hit Murdoch et all where it hurts, right in the pocketbook as the advertisers jump ship. Anyone up for this?


Susan: Guess I started that protest about 18 months ago when I was so sick of the media manipulation of all things political. Tell you what, I do not miss it (nor the cost) and my local library carries all major newspapers and news magazines I want to read. Your idea has lots of merit.

Robert Lipscomb

With all due respect to PM, Jon Stewart had the best take on this field. "It's like watching American Idol in reverse."

Peter G

I'm guessing Bachmann is still suffering from fevered hallucinations?

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