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September 28, 2011


Robert Lipscomb

When Obama "caved" on the debt crisis, many reasonably questioned Obama and his advisors for their political strategy. As Obama spent August touring the country to "listen to the people", he was strongly criticized and ridiculed by pundits of all stripes for being weak.

Then he came our swinging in September with a wholly populist theme and plan. many progressives have and continue to wait for Obama drop this position. Put me in the camp that thinks it is real and will not be dropped. If so, it is a brilliant strategy, but it is a strategy than can only be effective if it is held over the long term.

The undecideds are right to wonder if this is yet another ploitician with smoke and mirrors or is it someone with a real plan to really have their backs for the long haul.

There is a saying in politics, negotiations and sales. "Keep saying it until it becomes the truth." A second benefit is that it changes the subject from The Debt to Jobs. (As don draper said, "If you don't like what people are saying, change the subject.")

Obama has a real plan. The GOP has one too - do-nothing. Next september, Obama will be able to make a clear choice between his plan and two years of do-nothing. If he sticks to that strategy, he can make 2012 a referendum on the GOP's record for do-nothing.

You can sense the fear in Christie and the rest of the GOP as they hurl one insult after another against Obama's plan - and none of it sticks.


Sorry to be unkind, but Gov. Christie looks like he belongs on "The Sopranos" or at best "The Biggest Loser". Just read the Wikipedia account of his career, lawyer, lobbyist...thug!

You Don't Say

Pretty soon they'll be saying we shouldn't tax the rich at all because they're better than the rest of us.


Well if anyone knows about Pie, it would be Chris Christie. Not being a republican, I suppose it makes it harder for me to see what about him makes his party so madly in love with him. To me he comes off as a fat slob schoolyard bully, not fit-in any sense of the word-for the highest office in the land. He may not be running (obviously he never does much of that) for president but he sure does love the attention his party is giving him right now. Besides as fickle as the party is right now when it comes to their sorry excuse for a presidential field, he's bound to say something to piss them off and then they'll start flirting with Paul Ryan or Mitch Daniels or some other unelectable cretin continuing the pattern of this whole past year. Donald Trump, Michele Bachman, Rick Perry and now him. They've got no one. And at some level they know that but don't want to admit it. They are just hoping to fool enough of the electorate into thinking they do. I am rooting for Obama, and pretty confident with his chances of winning reelection but I don't want to take anything for granted.


In Gov. Chris Christie, the GOP evinces a nostalgia for the administration of William Howard Taft. Ah yes!, those were the days, no corporate or income tax! OMG! What next with these people?


Wow! Chris Christie is now the savior of the Republican party-- and by extension the American people-- from the Nazi, Socialist, Muslim, Black Nationalist, Kenyan dictator, Obama? If Christie is the savior, how come he says that President Obama has been "a bystander" who has done absolutely nothing while in office. How can the President be both a dictator who is destroying America and bystander who has done absolutely nothing. Does Chris Christie and the Republicans know the meaning of oxymoron?

Joseph Blough

Apropos Mr. Taft, this country will not elect another fat man.

You and your daughter are in my thoughts.

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