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September 26, 2011



How about a patriot?

Because it's for damn sure more patriotic to protect all that you speak of from the rabid radicals who'd tear apart our society in frenzied pursuit of their fever-dream America than to strut about yammering for the destructive nonsense those tea-speckled loons espouse.

I'm sick of the neo-paleo-fantasy-past "patriots" whose selfish paws befoul the flag they clutch, even as they shred the strands that wove it together.

Peter G

Okay I'll bite. What is the real liberal case against the death penalty? The quote from Heller contains the only argument that matters. To quote Cromwell: "I beseech you in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken." Arguments about the relative cost are neither liberal not conservative, merely appalling, to me at any rate. Any other argument I can think of is founded morality and there is nothing more relative than that. The unmistakeable statistical evidence of racial and economic bias in the application of the death penalty is a powerful argument that often fails in the face of particular cases. Sad to say but the only effective argument I have found in persuading those who favor the death penalty to change their minds is to convince them that a constricted life in a cage is worse punishment.


there is a problem with the formulation here.

if liberals succeed, and we have a liberal politics, then to preserve that desirable outcome, they have to become conservatives (e.g. fighters of change).

Conservatives can only succeed by restoring an old order, which in this case is an expired liberal politics.

The Liberal/Conservative axis works no more because there is too much unavoidable change in the modern world to make sense of either side.

All that works now is the liberty v. authority axis, and that is found on both the left and right.

Palin is a perfect incoherant mixture: an born follower seeking the "freedom" to live in a Theocracy.

Robert Lipscomb

Liberal and conservative are not opposites. Some political policies can be both. One might argue that progressive is the opposite of conservative, with moderate (cautious change) being the midpoint of the two.

Liberal seems to me to fundamentally be about personal freedom. The opposite of that submission to a group, common will or authority, government, religion, society or subgroups - authoritarianism?.

The quality I find dangerous is extremism or radicalism.

No change in the social compact leads to a system incapable of adapting to technological changes. Overnight paradigm shifts in social mores creates chaos and panic.

No government is chaos. Tyrany is slavery.

Extreme liberalism is licentiousness or selfishness. Extreme authoritarianism is Facism, Communism, the Inquisition, Jonestown, the Great Leap Forward, Peter the Great and Fox News.

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