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October 24, 2011



And of course the Professional Left will scream just as shrilly that the President's tyrannical power-grab is just as bad as Bush's.

Susan Zoon

I say- go for it, Barack! BE the change!
I could write about my disgust for the Rethugs in Congress and the Blue Dog Dems that support them, but what good does that do? It just goes right in to the black hole of bitterness that is the internet political discourse world.
I support Obama- the good, the bad and the ugly.
Be bold, Mr. President!

Ansel M.

"I support Obama- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be bold, Mr. President!"

Amen, Susan!

S. Holland

I second wholeheartedly that amen!!!


While I second the Idea of the President trying to do whatever he can through Executive Orders, reality tells me that it won't be enough. Instead, as a citizen, my obligation is to keep pressuring members of Congress to pass AJA.

If Congress fails to act, then it's Congress and not the President who should be held accountable. May be people will now realize that the country will be better off without the just say NO teabag-Republicans dominating Congress. Congress, with the Democratic majority, saved the country from going into a Depression. Congress under Republicans seems hell bent on sending the country back into a Depression; hoping that high unemployment would result in the defeat of President Obama for re-election.

Bottom line is: Republicans would rather destroy the country than see President Obama re-elected. The Irony is that the teabag-Republicans claim to be the real patriots. They hate Obama so much that they would not mind a father or mother being out of work for another year, thus unable to provide for his/her family, so long as that would lead that father or mother to blame President Obama and vote for Republicans. May be we need a new way to characterize teabag-Republicans. The term cynical con artists seems appropriate.

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