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October 25, 2011



At the end of the day the GOP playbook vis-a-vis the analysts/pundits/hosts/pols will blame and attack Obama for all and sundry and be as disingenuous as ever with their spin and slant. I have reached the stage where they don't even reach me with what they say or do. I simply shrug and say...What's new?
Stop acting as if you are surprised with 'them'. They are simply who they are- a bunch of (as they say in the Caribbean ) 'robbertalk' folksies!!


Your last paragraph says it all. Actually, I've never like Brooks much. He is as phony as Romney.


Please send this to David Brooks. He needs some strong "therapy".
I once respected him, but now I fear he is a dissembler.
He has to know better!


I would not have thought of New York Times readers as "susceptible nitwits and rubes." But now that they're paying for the privilege of reading David Brooks, you may be right.

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