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October 28, 2011


Susan Zoon

Team branding! My team- vs- your team.
Take my brother (please... rim shot), for example;
he identifies with the Conservative team, yet when you scratch the surface many of his beliefs overlap with mine- those of a Liberal. The problem is, that the Team mentality demands a sports-like worship of conflict and competition which demands he STICK IT TO ME anyway he can- rack up points- Yay Team!

As every die hard sports fan knows... you root for your team no matter how shitty they are. You deny their shittiness and heap more scorn on the other team. This is what politics in this country has become with the help of the MSM and their constant sports laden metaphors.

What is finally happening with OWS is the sports fans have discovered that the owners of the teams they " bleed" for are NOT PAYING THEM. As a matter of fact... they keep raising ticket prices!
This is the game changer!

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