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October 29, 2011


R.C. Chile

That's something that one could speculate on.What if Romney had switched parties and mounted a primary challenge to Obama?

John Duffy

From the right or the left? We'll never know.


I can't think of a more apt phrase to describe George Will than "Prince of Priggishness". Thank you.


Like a lot of New Englanders of Yankee descent, my ancestors were Republicans back to the Civil War. Most of my generation -- and quite a few of our parents -- bailed on the party during the Nixon era, making Massachusetts largely a one-party state. A few, like Bill Weld, the Chafees of RI, etc., stayed in it, trying to maintain influence of the old WASP elite and keep the party from becoming solely an instrument of southern white men and other cultural cranks. The BEST that can be said about Romney is that he is in this tradition, but I don't buy it; he completely lacks the character to stand for any set of principles, much less traditional, sane Republicanism. In any event, the idea that the party can be reformed from within has become a joke. Romney isn't going to do it. If he's elected, God forbid, he's not going to stop pandering to the lunatics in his party. (He's going to "double Guantanamo," remember?) Nobody, from the left or the right, should be reassured by Romney's transparent insincerity. Are you listening, Jonathan Chait?

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