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October 26, 2011


Peter G

There's whiz kid and there's cheese whiz kid. If you know what I mean. Ryan is the cheesy sort.


It's ok to suggest he's stupid. There's ample evidence of that. He's certainly not very bright.

Robert Lipscomb

This reminds me of the "Andy Griffith Show" episode about the town drunk, Otis Campbell. Barney taught Otis to paint as therapy for his alcoholism. Then, everyone was stuck with encouraging Otis by heaping praise on his "art" which resulted in an ever increasing flow of more paintings.

Whoever first told Paul Ryan he is an honest intellectual should summarily be beaten and shot.


He's intellectually lazy and like other republicans today, is increasingly insulting peoples' intelligence. I don't know whether to get angry or just laugh at these jerks. More and more they show their true contempt for the American people by throwing out meaningless terms like "class warfare" and "job creators". In the face of record income inequality and high unemployment. I don't know who's votes he's trying to win with that hackneyed speech, or maybe the republicans don't need votes anymore to win?

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