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October 17, 2011



More Romney posts, please. For instance, Ive read 2 conflicting reports today: 1) uber conservative and tea-party Senator DeMint is about to endorse Romney and that 2) he's pushing back against that report. Which is true? Could this mean 3rd party or that Romney feels forced to pick a Veep who is a no-go in winning swing voters?

P.S. I know that Romney continues to lead the republican field in head-to-head polling against the President---so who in the hell "likes" him and what do you see are his most exploitable vulnerabilities?

P.S.S. Hope you are taking care of yourself; blessings for you and your daughter.


I was wondering whether Palin may at this late date throw her hat in the ring since she recently changed her political status on her FB page from Republican Party to conservative and has been talking about running an unconventional campaign for quite some time now. Should be interesting.


No hope; no change. What's the difference between Obama and Romney?

This is probably the only point I can agree with the teabaggers on.

At least we would be weary if a repub started talking about gutting SS and Medicare. Reducing SS tax will help fulfill the prediction that "entitlements" have to be shrunk.

The gutless bastard would not even stand up for the expiration of Bush's tax debacle. How about a public option?


"Dustin Stockman, of the tea-partying Western Representation PAC: "As much as we can’t stand Barack Obama, if the Republicans choose to nominate Mitt Romney, it’s up to them to get him past the finish line."
This would be the man who said corporations were people- but students submerged in debt cannot enter bankruptcy, and unlike corps., ordinary citizens have a 7.5% hurdle to climb before any healthcare is deductible- the list goes on. Like Perry and Obama, Romney puts big business first. Demand Ron Paul!

Susan Zoon

It will be Romney/Christie - good luck in the South.


Most of the conservative base hated McCain, too. "He's trapped. Although he has two ways to turn, both are decisive losers" is absolutely right. This will be interesting.

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