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October 30, 2011


Dorothy Rissman

Thanks for some positive thoughts. I found the comments following Blow's piece very interesting. What I took away from the comments was that we all must be very afraid of what the repugs want to do to this country.

The good energy I took from most of the comments is the awareness that democrats are much more concerned about the poor and the neediest in our society.

PM, I do not comment very often, but I come to read. I think about how much you and your family are going through ever time I stop by. Warm regards. dr


I read your comments often and am glad you're here. I would like to tweet your comments but it appears I must cut and paste the url. Can you place a twitter link on your site or would you rather not?


Dear FoxyOldBroad: Against my every anti-tweeting instinct, I have created a Twitter account, to which should be posted most of my blog entries. I guess it's not the same as a twitter link button (which I couldn't locate in Typepad's mysterious technological bowels), but it's close, right?

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