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November 12, 2011


Peter G

Personally I gave a sigh of relief when the only Republican candidate untainted and unencumbered by history and lunacy (Tim Pawlenty) dropped out of the race. I hope the rest stay in and diffuse fund raising as much as possible. And also that they keep saving the Democrats time and money by so assiduously pointing out each other's failings. Bless their demented hearts. I expect they will ultimately hold their collective noses and nominate Mittens but their hearts won't be in it and he has provided so much ammunition for a campaign against himself that I look forward to this slanging match.

priscianus jr

Just simple common sense would tell anyone who actually had any, that IF the Dems knew something damaging about Cain, they would have embargoed it until the unlikely event that he had become the GOP nominee. So I mean, like, cui bono?

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