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November 23, 2011


I agree PM. They are all horrible, ridiculous and disgusting individuals and I don't know what will happen should President Obama not be re-elected. I don't see that happening, but since the FOX viewers are dumber than dirt, and don't know what's going on, even less than those who watch the news, they could be stupid enough to vote for any of these idiots for President because they hate it that a black man is President. There just has to be more of us with sane minds out there to re-elect President Obama.

I meant even less than those who "don't" watch the news. Oops.

Dear, Phil- You have the most compassionate of souls. If not, you would not be sacrificing your mental health, on this of all weeks, to bring us your thoughts.

Unplug, Buddy and soak up a monumental dose of love.
Sending the best vibes your way.

My advice: don't watch too many of these. That will reduce the symptoms you describe.

O.K.,so I watched just a part of this debacle on line and thought...oh my gosh P.M. is missing this, thank goodness. Take Susan's advise and unplug, P.M. these idiots are not going anywhere soon! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a soul restoring Thanksgiving. As a nominal Jesuit educated Catholic much was burned into my memory that I had rather allocated to better uses but still remains when questions of dogma arise. You're treading into treacherous grounds when indulging in despair from a Catholic point of view. You're being rational from a rational point of view. The black humor of these festivals of ignorance seems to elude you. That's a shame. This is a rare treat that so many candidates remain so close in the polls and while Obama derangement syndrome is to be expected, the to the death cage match these people must ultimately undertake is something I do not want to miss. Tell you what, you take a break and we'll call you when the good stuff happens.

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