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November 29, 2011



UGH! UGH! What a revolting thought!...but you are absolutely on the button!


Yes, Gingrich is more cunning and has convinced supposedly intelligent people that he's actually smart.


True, but don't underestimate the negative effect of Callista Gingrich and her multiple Tiffany lines of credit — especially on women voters. She could easily cost her husband the presidency in a general election.

Peter G

All too true. Newt could actually pull this off and by that I mean pull off the nomination. Curiously he has elected not to actually have a campaign staff or spend money on ads. It would certainly be an exciting twist if the Republicans chose as their candidate, not the tallest dwarf but the widest.

Marc McKenzie

@Peter G: And let's not forget, Peter, the role of the MSM in essentially whitewashing Gingrich's shenanigans in the 1990s.

"Meanwhile, the Occupy movement could splinter the always wobbly left...."

Sadly, PM, I wonder if this will come to pass.

Tien Le

I'm growing less and less concerned about the Occupy 'movement'. It just isn't sexy enough to retain the interest of youth. Only the most hard-core protesters are going to stick this thing out. Basically it comes down to a shared belief system on twitter and facebook and a blog. Social networking. How is that any different than netroots? It's clicktivism at its worst. I just don't see the overall arch of their ideals transcending the mostly white diversity of Democrats, Libertarians and Anarchists. Their refusal to accept leadership pretty much guarantees they won't coalesce around a third party candidate. The libertarians will stick with Ron Paul. Most of the Dems will stick with the President in the end. The anarchists don't vote anyway. So apart from their shared anger and paranoia, what have they got besides the money that was donated to them?

Robert Lipscomb

I continue to be amused by those who continue to talk and write about OWS having no effect. Don't get me wrong they will never organize into a party or a wing of a party or ever get any specific legislation passed.

But we continue to talk about them and we use the terms "one percenters' and "the 99%". So, they are at least chchosing the topic and framing the discussion. That is always powerful stuff.

PM's most salient point is that Romney will shatter the party.

That dwarfs everything else.

Tien Le

I'm happy to let them continue to fuel the angst about income disparity. That's the one thing they have accomplished in all this is supporting the shift in the dialogue from deficit reduction to taxing the rich. That works in our favor.


Not so sure anymore PM. I just read this on Think Progress. Some Conservatives really hate Newt


FORMER GOP REP. SAYS GINGRICH IS ‘AN EVIL PERSON’ | Former Rep. Guy Molinari (R-NY) unloaded on GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich today, calling the former House Speaker “an evil person” who has “got all kinds of baggage.” Molinari, who works on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, went on to say that “The thought that [Gingrich] could be president of the United States is appalling.” Far from the only Republican trashing the former House speaker, conservatives of all stripes have publicly grumbled about Gingrich’s record. In the last week alone, radio host Don Imus called Gingrich a “greasy, repulsive man,” longtime Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) tweeted, “RReagan was a friend of mine and you Newt are no RR,” and a Christian leader in Iowa, Cary Gordon, said, “Newt is famous for being all over the board,” before declaring, “I don’t trust him.”


@Lipscomb: Just because OWS is being talked about doesn't mean they are changing anything. And they haven't. Yeah, yeah conversation and all that but so what? It hasn't helped to pass any bills. No pols are stepping down. And the 1% thing they got from Pres.Obama and the Democrats who have gone on and on about taxing the top 1%. OWS should get no more credit than it deserves. I will give them bank transfer day but that's it. You can't just "change the conversation", continue to team up with the wrong people, dismiss voting and expect things to change. They need to get their asses out of them camps and start organizing. The GOP is going to try and crush them and since they don't want help from the Democrats or anyone/group having to do with Obama all they have is Michael Moore.

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