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December 26, 2011


John Duffy

Dionne is probably the best columnist in America, with Jon Alter his only competition.

PM, I'm not including bloggers in this assessment, only those who have national columns and are asked to opine on TV.

It's profoundly sad that they are so head and shoulders above their fellow villagers.

You Don't Say

I suppose it depends on whether the populace now defines conservatism as EJ did or as Boehner, et al, now do: cut government spending.

As for the mall, get a good cup of coffee, assuming you drink it, and find a bench outside each store. She'll have a great time even if you don't. ;-)

Ansel M.

PM, your Commentary is almost always my first read of the day, but I happened to read Dionne first today. I hadn't gone far into his piece before I realized that he was writing about the same idea you were expounding a year ago. To the best of my knowledge, you were stating an original concept back then, and I accepted your idea as eminently sensible. The main problem I could see with most Democrats adopting a "conservative" label is that mass hysteria and confusion would ensue among the electorate. In any case, it's great to see someone in the mainstream media finally catching on!


I've been saying for years that we are the true conservatives. It's pretty damn radical to try to do away with the consitution, you know.

Peter G

Language shapes the debate and I often take progressives to task for their howls of outrage every time a cherished social program is referred to by the right wingers as some sort of welfare. That's exactly what those programs are no matter how they are funded. Social Security, Medicare are exactly that. When progressives allowed the word welfare, enshrined in your own constitution, to be turned against them so successfully that even they resent it's use I realized that it was only possible in a center-right country. By their dirty words shall you judge them.

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