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December 26, 2011



"...heaven forfend we should ever be oppressed by another FDR, whose prolonged political and professional splendor in the Oval Office put every Republican president since Lincoln to ineffable shame."

IMHO, this is a huge part of GOP obstruction to PBO's policies. The power brokers know he's smart, open-minded, solutions oriented, pragmatic, and that his presidency provides a sharp contrast to GWB's. I believe these qualities in PBO gives them nightmares. To have a halfway successful PBO would mean that Americans would be forced to realize that cultural stereotypes about POC in positions of power are just that--generally accepted stereotypes. It would also mean that more LGBT persons, atheists, wiccans, Muslims, etc, would entertain the idea of entering the political sphere. I don't think many Americans spend much time thinking about what may be behind the GOP's collective opposition to PBO. The mantra that "he's bad for America" relieves the GOPers of any responsibility to search for real reasons for their opposition to him.


It's common to claim that the fear Republican incumbents have of losing in primaries is due to gerrymandering and the same thing happens with Democrats, so both sides do it (TM). But both of those races Bernstein mentioned are Senate races, so gerrymandering wasn't an issue. The GOP base really has become detached from reality in a way it wasn't in the past. Any political commentator who ignores this next year is playing with fire.

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