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December 30, 2011


Peter G

Ask not what you can do for your country, speculate darkly about what evil it is about to do to you.


Ron Paul's sanutch anti-war message was his greatest draw. His sanutch small limited government pro constitutional stance was hand in hand with this.Republicans have for a generation eroded the party into one of a socialist nationalist religious zealot filled plutocracy. Ron Paul has tried to remind the party of its conservative roots.Libertarian ideas are at their core conservative ideas. Republicans have gone in the wrong direction and are advocates of legislating morality which is an abhorrent idea as it leads to bigger more intrusive government institutions as we see today.The thing the Republican party needs to learn from Ron Paul and the R3volution is that the ideas of big government are the spawn of people wanting the government to solve every problem and weigh in on every dispute. This means more laws and more regulation and more government every time.The Republicans need to take from this lesson the most salient fact that the people want this government whittled down to as small as an operational budget as possible and this includes foreign intervention. Their is no part of the constitution that allows the Republic to act as an Empire with bases in countries all over the world. We need to start shutting this down.Look at this as the time of the Roman Empire where they abandoned Haden's wall, marched out of England and went back to Italy for good. They did it because they could no longer afford the expense of Empire and neither can the United States today.

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