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January 28, 2012



Being an agnostic, I, however, am willing to concede that many need religion. BUT, if after I am gone someone makes a Mormon out of me, I'm coming back with a vengence!


People of good faith respect all and none when the person in question is at peace with him or herself. That, after all, IS the goal. The arrogance of "baptizing" the dead - especially those who disliked Mormon faith and practices - is obnoxious and arrogant. SueMe is right - do that to any of us, and we ARE coming back for ya.

How did we get from JFK who had to assure people he was president, not the Pope's agent, to this when your religion is THE element of your identity. What? The Constitution isn't good enough for you? That applies to all candidates who think their religiosity trumps the laws of this land - respect that we are NOT a Christian nation but one of NO faith at all so all may be free to believe whatever they choose. Accept America as it was meant to be or DO NOT RUN. We are not electing you to run our religious or non-religious lives. Get over it.

Jim Milstein

What a bunch of whiners!

Here the Saints are giving you a get-out-of-Hell-free card, for free! and you're complaining? Everyone else charges for that service.

I like the idea of being bad as bad can be and then without shelling out a penny or even lifting a (dead) finger, I'm absolved, redeemed, sprung. I laugh at your laws and so-called ethics. The LDS have my back.


Even better was when the Mormons were caught baptizing Holocaust victims.


It will be the biggest church in the world, indeed in the history of the world, if they can count the hundred billion of us who have already gone bye-bye.

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