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January 27, 2012


I spent some considerable time yesterday waiting in a restaurant on Merriman Rd for a delayed flight due to arrive in Detroit. On the way to that restaurant, a Big Boy, I was forced to pass my unusual turn around because it had a large tent over it with many gabardined men and numerous police officers and cars around the area. Ah thinks I, a crime scene. When I got to the restaurant and ordered I asked about what had happened I was told that nothing had happened but that President Obama was staying next door at the Sheraton. Cool thinks I. Now this is a mundane enough story but what was truly interesting I thought was what happened when the President's motorcade actually arrived a few moments later. I had a view of the whole room and every single employee of that restaurant and all but three of the patrons were at the windows waving to a man who could not possibly see them through the dark and rain. Who did not? Two elderly plump white gentleman and one presumptive wife. All three looked quite put out and the husband and wife demanded their check. They left immediately. The excitement in that room was palpable and it crossed lines of sex and race and age. It was something to see.

Rendell? That DLC Clintonian blowhard? He's the assh*le who disparagingly compared Barack Obama to Adlai Stevenson at the 2008 Democratic Convention and left such a bad taste in Pennsylvanians' psyches that the state legislature went all in for Republicans after he left.


"the cranky, incorrigible GOP, to its credibility detriment, insists on either maliciously denying or adolescently disparaging in toto"

This same MO that applies to former Hillary supporters aka. PUMAs who now consider themselves of "the left" such as former Republicans FDL's Jane Hamsher (whose media company advises Republican clientele), Salon's Glenn Greenwald (who adores Ron Paul now) and Current's Cenk Uyger as well as rank-and-file PUMAs who are still bitter about Obama's beating Hillary.

I have often wondered that if Obama was such a bad predident then why was the field running against him so terribly weak? Even though I am an Obama voter, I see nothing funny at all about this "clown car" of a republican field. It is bad for America to have such fools, such lowest common denominator panderers so close to running against the sitting president, especially in such serious times. Could this be a reflection of how UN-serious at least half of the electorate has become? Do these guys even realize that they are being compared to a "clown show"? If so, then why do they keep insisting on acting this way? And isn't this an insult to actual clowns who perform real clown shows? I know I am not the brightest commenter on this blog, but even though this has nothing to do with luck, does it at least not have a "too good to be true" element to it? I for one, still stubbornly refuse to take anything for granted.

Luck has nothing to do with the campaign machinery that President Obama has assembled, either. No doubt the working politicians (you know, the people that actually run for elected office) on the Republican side have seen it from afar. And consequently have no desire to go up against an organization that assembled more campaign offices across Iowa than any of the Republican candidates could manage.

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