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January 22, 2012


Peter G

This is going to be a fascinating exercise in how media manipulates campaigns for profit. All that Superpac money is waiting to benefit network affiliates in coming primary states and CNN's ratings and profitability will be enhanced by continuing the traveling road show. We've seen them t-ball questions Newt and I expect that will continue until it is clear that money is going his way and when Romney starts to fade then the less than flattering questions Newt will get will shift the balance the other way. When the start asking Newt about how is racially tinged rhetoric is harming the Republicans chances, an establishment frightening prospect, then we'll know they've switched horses. Newt is key here. He's made so many outrageous statements over the years that you can keep him in play for quite a while.


Cautionary note to any republicans that are simply "looking for a fight" or think they have found someone to put that "uppity" black president in his place: You may win the big prize with your hatred and anger, but it will ultimately destroy you.


"the less than flattering questions Newt will get will shift the balance the other way."

Except "less than flattering questions" posed to Newt seem to actually go in his favor during this primary, because the primary voters seem to love it when he calls the questioner a fool for daring to ask such a stupid questions. They say Obama is running against Congress, but Newt is currently running against The Media.

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