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January 29, 2012



At least they went down swinging.


I'd rather see our side standing, bloodied but unbowed, while the other side went down hard.


Liberals (and I consider myself one) seem to always splinter into too many causes. As the saying goes, "its like herding cats."


It's a shame that you weren't out there to educate and guide them. \snark


Frankly, I'd trust Warren Buffet to vote for political representation who would implement a fair taxation scheme far more than I would trust the average working class not of color voter in South Carolina. Full stop. I'd trust the millionaire POTUS and FLOTUS to do likewise far more than I would
trust the average working class not of color voter in Ohio. Full stop. So long as this is the case, the problems in this country cannot be reduced to mere class. Charles Blow may have been shocked by those gallup results, but I certainly am not.

By subsuming all of this country's problems into a class reductionist frame of "the 99% versus the 1%" indeed ows created a movement which was in my opinion tin-eared, unattractive to some otherwise natural allies, and not nearly as effective with regards to turning sentiment into forward movement as organizations like OFA and ACORN. My opinion.

priscianus jr

"We are the 99%" is just a slogan, and as slogans go, it's a pretty good one. If you want to be more exact, though, the number of people who are both very wealthy and fully support the status quo really is considerably less than 1%. We all know that there are plenty of wealthy people who are liberal Democrats. We also know that, especially in high-rent cities like NY -- a quarter of a million dollars annual income, with a family to support, does not exactly make you super-rich. Also, many of such people understand that the tax raise proposed on income over that amount would not exactly put a crimp in their style.
It is also true that a fair number of less wealthy people -- oh, I should say around 27% of the population -- are on the side of the super-rich me-firsters.

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