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January 23, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

Good analogy, PM. Another is that we are watching the Civil War (a.k.a. Ware between the States, War of Northern Agression) of the Republican Party.

Scholars continue to debeate whether the Civil Ware was about slavery or states' rights. (Hint: It as both.) Most of those same scholars believe that the GOP Southern Strategy was initially about racism which morphed into Small-Government Conservatism. Hint: It was and is both.)

Establishment Republicans have (and thought they always could) manipulate the non-establishment (Republicans (Religious Right, cultural warriors, racists) for their purposes -- then throw them under the bus whenever convenient for the higher purposes of corporatism.

Well, welcome to the South. Here Mitt is not only a Morman; worse, he is a YANKEE. There is a reason there are still so damned many Confederate battle flags displayed in the South. After 45 years of winks-and-nods and hat-tipping to the Confederacy and jim Crow, do you really think you can get away with leaving a southern belle at the alter?

The Establishment Republicans need to recognize that they are in a Civil war, the nature of that and that there are worse things things than a civil war; there are feuds.


I don't know why Romney can't capture the enthusiasm of the base. Ok the Southern republicans maybe because he's a YANKEE! But I would think all he has to do is tout his record at Bain. Not the job creating narrative that he is trying to cultivate but the real one. The one where his company took over companies, fired workers and then made tons of money for themselves. I would think that that would tap into the aspirations of the less than 1% income republican faithful. Is there any way Mitt's superpac could buy that movie from Newt's superpac and use it as a positive ad for himself? Or are superpac's only for spending huge sums of money to tear other people down?

Chris Andersen

He should take a cue from Karl Rove: attack your opponent at his "apparent" strength. Gore had a reputation as a boy scout, so paint him as a serial liar. Kerry was a decorated war hero, so paint him as a closet traitor and coward.

Gingrich has a reputation as the flag bearer for the angry white man. So show how he has betrayed that constituency time and time again.

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