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January 31, 2012


Peter G

Damn it is nice to read commentary that does not insult the intelligence. I realize that columnists have columns to fill and I like Mr Robinson but I think your analysis is on point. I would rather like to add my own observation however and that relates to the concept of the Big Picture. The so called Big Picture viewed as a sum of individual decisions must necessarily include all the political calculation of what is possible, politically useful in trade and desirable. And expecting any politician to be publicly honest about that is foolish. In fact no politician can possibly put forward anything but a narrative that does not include much of the political calculation but nevertheless justifies the end result of the decision making process. Would it really do any good for the president to lay out for the "progressives" exactly why they did not and could not obtain their heart's desire in the ACA. What good would it do? What narrative was it even possible to construct regarding the birth of ACA that did not contain so much dreary political sludge it looked liked melamine laced Chinese dog food. Yet the end result does speak for itself.

W. Caulfield

I simply like reading any commentary with a Gilbert & Sullivan reference.

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