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February 18, 2012



You can still hear the other side, just switch between channels. Besides, Joe Scarborough will be filling in for "Uncle Pat" in a way. Especially as the general election rolls in.

Robert Lipscomb

Once a year, I get a prostate exam.

Once a month, I listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Both are good for me.

Because Limbaugh is such an unabashed propagandist from the "conservative" win of the Right, I can learn their talking points/positions in a very short time (15-30 minutes). {As a sidenote, this is why I was startled a couple of months ago to hear his bile towards "establishment Republicans - a term I have heard often since.}

And I do the same with Fox News.

"Some of my best friends are Republicans." So I love to ask question them about their politics. Frankly, I can now tell who listens to rush the most and who listens to Fox ("establishment Republicans") the most.

By the way, the "conservatives' are in an all out war with the "establishment Republicans". This is why PM's previous post was so appt.

You Don't Say

Matthews said essentially the same thing in his sign off yesterday. Actually, Matthews routinely has rightwingers on. As for Lawrence O'Donnell, has his show's production values improved? The show looked like a high school play last time I watched. And he's as guilty of overplaying the righteous indignation as Ed Schultz.


Meh, whatever. Everyone needs to stop watching cable "news" altogether. Whether Pat Buchanan was on or not, I could still get far more incisive analysis from 30 minutes skimming various political blogs than I could watching a whole evening of MSNBC.

Also, read Jacques Ellul's "Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes" and/
or Eric Hoffer's "The True Believer." Those books will tell you just about all you need to know about modern politics.

Peter G

I quite like O''Donnell. He has political insight and considerable knowledge of legislative process. Rachel is passable but I find her tendency to repeat each point she is making three times, as if she were speaking to a child, to be grating. Ed is, I'm afraid, an idiot. Watching him conduct an interview is painful to watch. He's so bent on making his next rhetorical point that the most obvious of follow up questions to his interviewee's assertions is inevitably lost. Sad, very sad.


Whatever Buchanan has to offer does not make up for his outright bigotry, homophobia, sexism, anti-semitism,etc.
MSNBC could have done better to replace him with a Frum or a Sullivan, you get the same level of intellect without the negatives.

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