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February 28, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

Carter deregulated more industries than Reagan: e.g., oil, gas, trucking, airlines, etc.

Peter G

I'm tempted to agree with you except I'm not sure what to expect from a mob of unfed buffoons.

priscianus jr

He also equates "liberal ideology" with incompetence. So I guess that means FDR was incompetent.


I thought Carter was one of our most "conservative" Democratic Presidents...but that was way before the conservatives were high-jacked by the moronic group now leading them.


Simple, really: The evil incompetent LIBERAL DEMONCRAT Carter was defeated by Saint Ronny the Reagan, bringer of righteousness and justice and AMERICA F YEAH! Therefore the evil incompetent LIBERAL DEMONCRAT Carter embodied all that is evil and incompetent about the evil incompetent LIBERAL DEMONCRATS.

Here endeth today's reading from the Holy Scriptures of God's Own Party.

John Haas

PM, your mention of Jules Witcover reminds me to ask you, would you consider now and again doing some reading lists? Classifying them however you wish ("essential reading on US politics" or "what I'm reading" or whatever). I always find them immensely useful.

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