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February 27, 2012



Gingrich has been making the rounds here in GA, and the polls show him leading Romney, Santorum, and Ron Paul. I don't think Gingrich is out yet because I don't believe his ego will allow him to do so at this point in the primary season.

Peter G

Who'd have thunk it? The Republicans going green!


Okay, so where does Ron Paul fit into this equaiton? I know he has his own band of fanatics that drool over his every word, and that may make him a bit different from the rest of the field, but isn't he still worth a look to the GOP base who is not wild about Willard?

David Tomlin

I'm a Paul voter, but I have no illusion that he can win the nomination. Foreign policy and drug prohibition are deal-breakers for big parts of the GOP base.

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