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February 29, 2012



You seem confident the GOP will receive a drubbing. Let's hope you are right, but I fear they are going to take back the Senate in Nov.


Ahhh, the crocodile tears of Olympia Snow.

If you look at the last three years, she was very part of the problems that she is diagnosing.

Hope she enjoys her sure to be lucrative retirement as much as I'll enjoying not reading about her sorry Vital Center "leadership".


Agreed. The Raging multi-headed Hydra that is the Republican Party must be splintered into myriad parts. Some of those parts, the less putrid ones, or, to the optimist, the "saner" ones (of which Snowe was a member), will fly off and link up with some conservative Democratic heads, and finally the country can begin the process of putting together a credible, conservative opposition. Some of your commenters, together with myself, actually stated this on another one of your posts. We were prescient, for Snowe's de facto defection is the first tip-toe in the direction of forming a new party. If, as is probable, the Republicans suffer a Fukushima-style meltdown in November, look for that tip-toe to turn into a veritable dance.

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