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February 10, 2012



Let's see, a compromise where the President's side still gets birth control coverage for just about all women who aren't nuns, and now a pound of insurance company flesh too, while Catholic institutions get a discount on their health plans when we all know what the bishops really wanted was for the government to start doing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's dirty work? Sounds like somebody's been taking compromising lessons from the GOP.

Robert Lipscomb

A quick history lesson: The current pope, who was still a cardinal eight years ago, organized a group of cardinals with the intent of excommunicating John Kerry.

This was an outrageous interference of the Roman Catholic Church into partisan politics. Is anyone surprised that the pope is going after Obama?

Obama was waiting on them.

He made two quick left jabs; then stepped back. The church hierarchtook a roundhouse swing and missed. Obama stepped in and hit them with a right hook.

Most take the position that Obama mishandled the politics on this. I think he wins in a TKO.

You Don't Say

Robert: TKO with nary a bruise on him.

How are the R candidates reacting?

Robert Lipscomb

YDS: They are taking the bait.

The polls are pretty clear and what you expect. Women should get equal insurance coverage. Chuches (or anyone else) should not have to violate their consciousness.

The church and the GOP look like the boy who cried wolf. If the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy does not accept a good faith compromise, they will look as though they are imposing their belifs on others.

Everyone declares victory and goes home. If Pope Ratzenberger goes after Obama again, it will look like a political vendetta.

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