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February 19, 2012



During the Depression and WWII, under a democratic president it was "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Under republicans since at least 2004, it's been "Be afraid, be very afraid". One was a president trying to keep everyone calm during harsh economic and frightening foreign policy times. The other is about being afraid of things like consenting adults of the same gender entering into the legal contract of marriage and women having control over their own bodies. The only thing I'm afraid of is these cretins getting control of the government and turning this country into Jesus, Inc. Yes, I'm fairly confident Obama will win a second term, but as I have said before and will say again, I refuse to take anything for granted.

Diana F.

No future? Hmm...

Republican platform courtesy of The Sex Pistols.

Matt Osborne (@OsborneInk)

One of Michele Bachmann's favorite themes, the power of a "last stand" is that it excuses any crime and demands every sacrifice. The problem is that she has been holding this rhetorical last stand since before Obama was president. Her entire career has apparently taken place at the precipice of American history.

Peter G

As with Newt's assertion that Obama is the most dangerous threat extent one has to ask: dangerous to who? With regard to Bachmann's lament one asks whose hopes are due to be dashed. Certainly not mine.

Robert Lipscomb!/ppppolls/status/171425770378506241

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