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February 25, 2012



Bernstein is so quaint. This would have been true of the past-reliable cynical Republican party, but not this time. This is the crew that laughed at the economic experts when the experts tried to explain to the Republicans in Congress how the debt ceiling worked. They laughed. This. Time. They. Mean. It. Bernstein pines for a time when Republicans actually cared about the financial health of the U.S. Mitt Romney has already said what he truly believes: let everything fall apart so the speculators can move in, buy all of the American houses (and ports, and services, and Medicare......) and bleed the country dry.

Romney is the most terrifying of them all, because he has no moral compass at all. Norquist is absolutely right: he will do what he is told without a nanosecond of conscience.


Besides, the meme that we should vote for a guy because he doesn't mean a word he says does not inspire confidence.


While reading this post, I thought of the same thing 57andFemeale thought about-Norquist's assertion that the GOP doesn't need a thinker in the WH but someone who will mindlessly sign bills passed by a republican-dominated Congress. From what I've seen of Romney, he seems to be willing to do whatever he has to do to wield the reins of power, so I feel that if he were POTUS, he'd do whatever Norquist, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, etc, tells him to do and d@mn the nation and its citizens. His lack of core principles is dangerous because it sends me a signal that he just might be a man who will do things and feel not one ounce of regret if the results lead to multiple disasters of major proportion-a war in Iran that ushers in WWIII, the financial death of the U.S., a war on U.S. soil, the establishment of a theocracy, etc. These things, and others, keep me in an almost constant state of extreme concern about the future of our nation should any of the GOP candidates win in November. They're all equally dangerous.

Robert Lipscomb

I have doubted Obama's ability to be a transformational president because he did not a simple, understandable and strident principle to articulate and sell. He seemed to be destined to a quaint, moderate philosophy if figuring out the right thing to do and then do it.

Given the current political backdrop of this country, that might be the most radical idea of all.

Peter G

Well said Mr Lipscomb. With regard to austerity in Europe that is something that chooses the government rather than something a government chooses to do. It would be nice to think everyone can spend their way to prosperity in the Keynesian way but when your sovereign bond yields top 7 percent that isn't necessarily an option. It is for the United States but debatable for both France and Great Britain.

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