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February 21, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

It is interesting to watch GOP candidates deploy tactics against other GOP candidates that have been habitually used against Democrats, and thus spawning an Nasty-Bombs arms race.

And this harms us liberals/progressives/Democrats. We need a healthy conservative (little "c") intellectual opposition to test our ideas.

As best as I can understand it, the fundamental criterion for representing the GOP in this election is, "Who is the most doctrinaire person to hate Obama the most?".


Stupid Git

While I agree that it's fun watching the GOP self destruct over the past many months, I don't hold the same optimism that it will disenfranchise independents as much as we'd hope it would. IN fact, my fear, which is shared by many others and even put into an eloquent pice by David Sirota over at Salon is that this constant airing of radical rightwing ideology is actually desensitizing the mainstream to what would have been thought of as insane ideas. Much like torture, erosion of privacy and many other once taboo topics are considered "normal" due to the constant airing of "pro-X" voices.

Here's Sirota's piece for you to read if you're interested in reading a good take on this issue:


Obama hasn't led a chremad life. It is more insideous and more diabolical than that. I suspect that, at an early age, he was carefully selected and groomed by people like Axelrod and Soros and others of their ilk to attain positions which he has held in his career, with all obstacles swept aside by his handlers to ensure that their puppet, Obama, would rise to where he is today without any interference or hinderances or scandals. His handlers are a secret consortium of hardline, [extremely] liberal, immoral and unscrupulous socialists, including, among others, a network of insane academics, another network of insane attorneys and judges, and a netwok of insane prominent businessmen, all of whom are so insane that they will cut off their noses to spite their faces. In fact, there can no longer be any doubt that liberalism is, indeed, a mental illness. And just think; as you read this, they are grooming others like Obama, who are waiting patiently and biding their time out there in the wings. The Communists have shown us that they have infinite patience and that nobody can exploit a crisis to advance their evil agenda like they can.Have you ever listened to prominent Democrats, I mean really, really listened to them and analyzed their comments? They aren't just insane. They are certifiable. Take Nancy Pelosi for example. She is nuttier than a squirrel turd.Reply

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