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April 27, 2012


Susan Zoon

Fascists. Corporate models for everyone all around.
Public says: "MEH".

Peter G

This is interesting. Brooks invokes Socrates yet the philosophy of his party reeks of Aristotelian certainty. It makes sense that a heavier object must fall faster than a lighter object therefore it must be so. Yet any person of Aristotle's time could have demonstrated the contrary by allowing a piece of papyrus to waft to the ground, crumpled it and dropped it again. No precise technology of timekeeping would have been necessary to make the case. So it is with so much of the ideology underlying modern conservatism. Even now with all the tremendous mensuration abilities we have they remain in ideologically pure disdain for reality.


He denies that the new deal got us out of the depression. Its an amazing denial of reality that he's got there.


When the republicans were given the chance for government to act like a business, they refused. The prescription drug benefit would have used the power of volume to reduce drug prices. Single payer health insurance would be the law of the land. We wouldn't have bailed out the banks, we would have bought out their loans at a deep discount.

Republicans hate when government is more than a teat they can suck on.


Douchiness is certain.

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