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April 30, 2012


Peter G

Far be it from me to question your argument on this matter, mostly because I agree with it. But I would ask you what weight you would give to the evolutionary meaning of the terms liberal and conservative when it comes to public perception and self-identification. Polls are taken over time but the meaning of such terms is not constant. The term Liberal, once proudly born by such as Jefferson, is now much altered in the public mind. When even the progressives disdain wishy washy Liberalism one has to question the stability of meaning and the validity of polls.

Robert Lipscomb

The best person to sell this concept is Bill Clinton. Close your eyes and imagine him on a series of talk shows, looking into the hosts' eyes (and camera, and saying, "We Democrats are the true conservatives"; then explaining it in his down-home (but super intellegent Poly Sci professor) way for the rest of the show.

He would be at his absolute best.

Now, imagine him going on Bill O'Reilly.

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