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April 02, 2012



I find myself wondering how much the existence of electronic media has contributed to this descent into extremist theater; how television has enabled the rise of media-attractive colorful mediocrities and crazies from the fringe to the top. I daresay, Phil, you've read Neil Postman's 1985 book, Amusing Ourselves To Death. The points he made there about how television degrades public discourse have proven frighteningly prescient, it seems to me; and the rise of the Internet has greatly accelerated what he foresaw.

Susan Zoon

Exactly right, Phil! The twenty four hour news cycle is what has turned the political system into the circus it is today. The "Red Meat" machine needs to be fed ALWAYS with the loudest and most extreme garbage.

For me, I think my awareness of this drift began with the SNL sketch in the 70's based on the Point/Counterpoint segment of 60 minutes. the satyrical sketch starred Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd and Dan alway began his rebuttal with:
" Jane, you ignorant slut."

For those too young to remember:

I think the only way to expell the poison is to deprive the wraiths the nourishment of the camera.
TURN IT OFF! I wish the 99 would get on to this. I think we should all boycott the MSM... cancel the cable and starve the beast. If wishes were horses... I don't for a minute think that this will happen- someone would have to sacrifice something to effect change. We'd have to wean ourselves off of the Face book and the Twitter and the extreme junk consumption that our love affair with electronic media demands.
Oh well, a girl can dream.

Susan Zoon

Oh... and Sister Sarah is going to co-host the Today Show. Need I say more?

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