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April 27, 2012


Robert Lipscomb


Suppose you are Mitt or someone like Mitt, and you try to emphathize with the less fortunate. You imagine someone who only has one-tenth the money you have; so you imagine sending a kid to college with only 420-30 million in the bank. then you try to imagine the plight of the working poor, those with only 15 of what you have. so you imagine trying to send a kid to college with only $2-3 million in the bank.

I can grasp his failure to grasp a reality-base empathy.

And that does not take into account the homeless who only have $200-300,000 on hand.


Well, I am sure that's what Mitt did...actually he didn;t borrow. but was given it all. My kids are trying to finance their kid's college educations and still my grandchildren are burden with enormous debt. My 49 year old daughter just paid off her college loans last year. Do we need another President who was a legacy and knows little about what the middle class has to deal with? You tell me!

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