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May 31, 2012


Peter G

I've always assumed the women endured the multi-wife thing to limit individual exposure.

Robert Lipscomb

As I understand it, one of the current arguments against same-sex marriage is that marriage is a religious issue. Frankly, I concur. But, that is also the basis for arguing against the state or federal government having any standing in the issue, as per the First Amendment.

I concede the state's right to prohibit child marriage as means of avoiding the sanctioning of pedophilia. And a tip of the hat to Rick Santorum, we probably should prohibit marriage of a man to dog or at least the consumation of that marriage.

Otherwise, have at it. I wish everyone much better luck with marriage than I had. I will be sticking with serial dating.


Maybe the reason why three or four women would want to marry the same insensitive brute is because sometimes less than one man is more than enough. But all kidding aside, yes, Mr. Carpenter I totally get what you're saying here. And while we're at it how many jobs would enforcing DOMA have created? Didn't the repub class of 2010 run on "jobs, jobs, jobs"? Instead look at everything they have focused on since taking power. Small government for the boardroom big government for the bedroom.


Why would three or four women (or more) be willing to marry the same man?

Because it's better than being beaten to death by one's male relatives for defying the patriarchal will.

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