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May 26, 2012



I mostly agree with you but I think Dionne has hit on something important. The end of the Bush administration and the beginning of he Obama administration really has been a turning point for the GOP and I think most people don't appreciate this yet. After the disaster that was Bush the GOP was going to have to reinvent themselves somehow and they did so by embracing the crazy closer than ever before, which they didn't have to do. In 2008 the Republicans were still acting like a traditional American political party in ways they don't today. We had divided government that wasn't dysfunctional. TARP was passed was passed with the bipartisan majorities traditional for unpopular but necessary legislation. No serious Republican dreamed of listening to the crazies who said to let it all blow up. By last summer those crazies were in charge of their party in practice if not in theory and got to manufacture a new crisis of their own. And given half a chance they'll do it again. Whatever historical continuity, they really are a different, crazier party than they were four years ago and should be treated as such.


171 House Democrats voted for TARP to only 91 Republicans. That's pretty thin bipartisan gruel, one way or the other.

For my money, the GOP has been this crazy at least since the Glory of Gnewt - they just didn't let it show quite so nakedly in public. Most of the time.

I suspect that what has changed over the last 15 years is that the GOP feel increasing confidence that they can let the crazy out for a gallop - and the media will hardly bother to notice half the time. Both sides do it, after all.

Chris Andersen

It's amazing how much they want to deny that the craziness of the GOP hasn't been around for some time. It's like they can't remember things like the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Robert Lipscomb

It strikes me that the New Deal institutionalized the concept of community which gives the right something tangible to hate into perpetuity. The two Banks of the United Btates served the same purpose for the jeffersonians and the Jacksonians.

The Busines Plot Against FDR has a murky history to which I will defer to professionals, such as PM.

Even so, it is clear that crazy conservative thinking existed at the highest levels going back to at least 1932.

You Don't Say

I don't know my history so won't comment on that, but I do think there is a difference between the Rs of Clinton and the Rs today and that is the leadership has lost control of its party. And it can't all be blamed on Boehner's lack of competenceor anyone else's. The rank and file cannot be contained.

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