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May 31, 2012



Once upon a time I considered Will a sincere, though misguided, conservatiev commentator. Now I listen to him and his words reek of desparation. He is truly upset by the craziness of the current Republican Party, feeling they are hurting the conservative cause. Of course, he doesn't realize the current Republican Party is now the conservative cause. He just tries to use "civilized" langauge to say the same things the tea-partiers say.
In other words, that part of the right that he professes to despise is despised not because their basic beliefs are wrong but because they let the reality out in blunt words and don't hide it behind langauge that Will utilizes. Will sees himself as the modern day Buckley, although from an intellectual point of view, he isn't worthy enough to carry Buckley's jock strap.

Robert Lipscomb

I am curious as to why "original intent" apparently does not apply to the Citizens United decision. In what construct of original intent would George Washington think that giving $1 billion in aid and comfort to a political party from international corporations not be considered a bribe?


"He is truly upset by the craziness of the current Republican Party"

Then why in the name of Jeff Davis' holy underpants does he insist on peddling bog-standard teabagger craziness on climate change? Will has only ever cared about one thing - cash from his corporate paymasters at the Kaplan Fishwrap.


"...intellectually, he's either as blind or corrupt as Citizens United."

I cast my vote for both conditions.

Will wouldn't tell the truth if it were perching on his nose. This makes him intellectually blind and corrupt, imho.

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