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May 27, 2012



If I'm not mistaken, Will's wife was an advisor to Rick Perry. So much for the serious big kids in the Republican party.


Your commentary is spot-on! I think this is the case of the "good cop/bad cop" trying to hide the fact that there is not that much difference between Will and Romney.

Ted Frier

I have been a George Will fan ever since I was an impressionable college student in the 1970s just coming of age politically and infatuated with Will's elegant writing style and learning. And so I think I know George Will as well as anyone -- well enough to know he is an utter and complete hypocrite today whose advocacy of the GOP includes as repudiation of just about every traditional conservative position he once defended. Does anyone remember when the fiscally prudent George Will was arguing what America needed was a good tax increase because we were not taxed enough given the government services we wanted. His criticism of Elizabeth Warren's take on the American social compact (that no one made it entirely on their own and so owe something back to the community)) as an attack on "individualism" is particularly rich considering that in "Statecraft as Soulcraft: What government does" Will's biggest criticism of conservatives is that they denigrate the community in favor of -- drum roll please -- radical "individualism."

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