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May 01, 2012



Dana Milbank and the whole lot of the GOPers,are a bunch of whiny, spoilt 'little' guys who are accustomed calling the shots. They somehow feel it's their privilege to do what they like, re taking the public hostage with their continual slander,lies, schemes and propaganda, falling apart when pressure is applied! To hell with what they think! For years America has spent way too much time giving these unamerican selfish folksies a hearing. No more power to them!

Peter G

And I think I can go you one better. It is not only barbaric politics it is even worse governance. Well I admit that what I said is kind of inherent in what you said but isn't oneupmanship what politics is all about? To be fair to the right governing badly or not at all is perfectly consistent with their worldview that governing is wrong. You know how the tragedy goes: distracted by a phone call from a wealthy donor the politician leaves the baby in the tub and the baby inadvertently drowns. What are you going to do?


Milbank is only bringing to the forefront what most republicans want the president to do: remain silent and let Romney and his cronies lie their way into the WH in November without punching back. They are extremely upset that he is finally sharing some of his accomplishments with the American people. While he has been busy governing these past 3+ years, they've run rampant with their lies, propaganda, hypocrisy, and fear mongering, and they've become accustomed to it. If they're so upset now, I'm wondering how much more upset they'll be when PBO hands Mittens his head in the presidential debates. I guess I'd better gird my loins for the extreme faux outrage that will definitely be their default reaction.

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