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May 30, 2012


Chris Andersen

The reporting on this seems to be generally good. But I am concerned that it is being reported dismissively as nothing more than a "crazy uncle" story.

"There goes that crazy Trump again. Oh well, just keep him away from the liquor cabinet."

The problem with that angle is that it dismisses the truly offensive nature of the birther story. Birtherism has, at it's core, the pernicious belief that a black man is just fundamentally unqualified to be President. Yet that aspect of the story is rarely touched on because few want to get into an argument about racism.

The harm in this is that Romney doesn't look as bad when he's just associating with a "crazy uncle" as he would if he were associating with a closet racist.

Peter G

On some meta level maybe he is the first truly honest dishonest politician. There is no issue he can't be on both sides of and no faction he can't sing in tune with. I guess in our subconscious minds this is supposed to translate into the realization that that he must say what he must say to get elected so he can then DO the right thing. Not many would so nobly abandon even the slightest pretension of convictions in the service of their country.

Robert Lipscomb

Odds are ...

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