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May 28, 2012



All I can do is sigh and ask "What will it take?" What will it take for the American electorate to finally wake up to this fact? And if there is an answer, I'm afraid to know what it is.

Cernan Sixtyeight

There's a law in Canada, making it unlawful for a news program to make up the news or lie. For this reason, Fox News is generally not allowed to broadcast in Canada. (If a viewer is really determined to view Fox, there are some alternatives, such as satellite but, the point is, since Fox is not news and lies about it, they are limited in Canada.)

We need to pass such a law in the U.S. This wouldn't be censorship. It would just compel Fox to, either start telling the truth or, if they wish to continue making up the "faux" news, they must put a disclaimer on the screen pointing out that what they're broadcasting isn't news. Doing this will go a long way to reducing ignorance in this country.

Peter G

I have long been of the same opinion that the ideological abhorrence on the right to any sort of social program spending manifests itself similar to a soon to be ex-spouse. Clean out the bank accounts, max the credit cards and party hearty with anyone who likes like a friend as a kind of spending territorial denial. You can't spend what I've already spent as it were. At the same time said spouse shows up in the court of popular opinion to declaim against spending by their better half on all those "welfare bums" and the need for fiscal restraint.

Robert Lipscomb

Sooner or later (and it appears to be sooner), the right will have to tell America that they cannot have Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - unless America does the unthinkable and taxes the shit out of the upper classes.

I wonder which they will choose?

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