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June 30, 2012



Assuming Obama is re-elected come November, I think we are going to see actual armed attacks on symbols of government and presumed liberal enclaves and individuals by these nutbags -- they really are that far around the bend. That kind of rhetoric has real-world consequences -- consequences which the chattering-class yammermouths espousing them will, of course, run away from taking responsibility for.

Peter G

That statement contained an element of truth. Global warming continues apace and bananas may soon become a cash crop in your fine republic.


The left? Organize? Surely you jest!


The Left does organize, Turgidson. Sadly, we seem to be at our best when organizing against each other!


I was especially chilled when I read the assertion "The all out oppression of all people has begun..." because if memory serves me, extending health care coverage to the under-insured is exactly how both Stalin and Pol Pot began their reigns of terror! Or something like that. My memory ain't what it used to be.


I think the Tea Party and other leaders of far right groups show faux outrage for a reason. It gets their followers emotionally-engaged and willing to donate to their groups. There's a definite method to their madness. Matt Davis, the former spokesman for the Michigan GOP, just scored a gig on MLive as an op-ed contributor. Erick Erickson, who was a member of my city council and co-founder of Red State, parleyed these into a gig on CNN.

Peter G

I was going to let this slide but my OCD compels me to point out that it should be Duesy after the Duesenberg automobile. I'm going to hush now.

Lord Basil

There are more well armed patriots in America than you think who will refuse to abide by illegal unconstitutional laws signed by an illegal Kenyan Marxist homosexual "President," and if resistence to this Marxist-Fascist stench means rising up, then this patriot surely will.n Ethan Allen had his Green Mountain boys, and real Americans have the Tea Party and tbeir guns.

Ted Frier

And the only defense the right has for this kind of nihilism is to accuse horrified liberals of hypocrisy for not being more open-minded, tolerant and "liberal" by showing this lunatic fringiness more deference and respect.


Lord Basil: The avatar of Poe's Law.


Lord Basil seems to forget that the supporters of the ACA also have guns. I live in GA, and mine stays locked, and loaded, with a good supply of ammo available, too. If they decide to jump on the crazy train, they'll discover that their targets aren't going to be as docile as they're thinking they'll be.


Indeed, majii, there's a surprising number of us Obama-lovers out there who know how to handle a gun; my pistol and rifle get regular workouts at the range. Lord Basil just might get a rude surprise in the unlikely event he's more than an Internet blowhard.

Peter G

Lord Basil? What a curiously aristocratic handle for a man of the people. Anyone want to bet that this particular identity is exactly the same as he uses when playing World of Warcraft? I'll go farther and assert that your chief risk from such blowhards is having your home or car bespattered at midnight by Lord Basil's paintball gun. Before he runs away.

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