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June 28, 2012


Chris Andersen

I would agree, were it not for the Democrats historical propensity to give the GOP every opportunity to get back in the game.

I'll knock Republicans for many things, but one thing they know how to do well is celebrate a victory.


I just hope that the president is right and that the American public is not interested in re-litigating health care. Because I am not so sure that the republicans can just skate by this time on repeal if they do not present a real plan to replace. People for whatever their reasons may not be happy with health care reform, but I would hope that even more they do not want to just go back to the way things were before the Affordable Care Act was passed. The right wingers could call it "Obamacare" all they want, but at least Obama DOES care.

Robert Lipscomb

As we like to say in the south in situations like this, "Bless his heart."

They just cannot help themselves. theyare pathologically hard-wired to do this - ain't they?

Bless their hearts.

They just cannot stop at "Obamacare is communism!!!" which would work and at no political cost. But they just have to claim to know how to fix it with something better.

Details please. And roll that explanation into your unanimous vote to kill Medicare - twice.

Bless their hearts.


The teahadists know as well as you do that they are not going to hold onto office on the power of their benevolent leadership. Hence the "crackdown on voter fraud."

That nonsense could actually provide the margin for them to hang onto control of the House in November.

Peter G

About your reference to Dicks. I was long under the erroneous impression that Dick, as in Nixon, Armey, Cheney, Morris et al was, in fact, a right wing honorific. Sort of like Ayatollah, bestowed only on those members of the club who succeeded in completely divorcing themselves from any semblance of humanity. An honest mistake I think.


Dick Ayatollah? I don't remember him.

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