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June 28, 2012


Bruce Adams

This reaffirms to me that progressives and Blue Dogs alike were foolish when they declined to crow in triumph when ACA passed. There's no avoiding being tied to the bill if you're a Democrat.

Chris Andersen

Republicans excel at falling into the holes they dig for others.

Democrats excel at throwing them a rope to help them get back out.


Sure, democrats can but will they? They remind me too much of Michae J. Fox's character in "Back to the Future". His central weakness is that he doesn't like to be called chicken and gets himself into tough situations because of it. The republicans always call the democrats "chicken" and the democrats prove them right by going along with whatever the republicans want instead of really standing up for what they believe.

Robert Lipscomb

Obama's ongoing political strategy is evident.

Obama: "Let's just pull together, do what's best for the people and move on."

GOP: "Bullshit! This is terrible (insert ad hominem attacks here), and I demand an argument!"

Obama: "Well, OK, if you insist, here is why it is good (insert details here). Now please, let's just move on."

Repeat as needed.

Rich Jones

Perhaps if Republicans inform those 17 weak-kneed Democrats who voted along with them on the Holder Contempt Vote that the NRA will be monitoring how they vote on the ACA Repeal July 9th, they’ll be able to swing it.

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